Related Learning Experience

Did Covid-19 Steal Your Job?

If you are a New Zealander looking to transition from a C-19 job loss or redundancy, to a new role worthy of your skills and experience, then the elder care sector desperately needs you to start work as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA).

When you become an HCA you join the sector of healthcare known as the noble profession. No other job is as rewarding as caring for our elderly. Every day HCA’s add to the quality of life of thousands of New Zealanders through their professionalism, skills, provision of comfort, compassion, and skills.

We Pay You To Train As An HCA

At HCS we are committed to helping Kiwi’s return to sustainable employment. Our training program, known as the Related Learning Experience (RLE) is a proven mix of in-house tutorials and practical work experience. But the good news is, you will be getting paid from the day you sign on.

The Noble Profession

Contrary to common belief, the elder care sector is staffed by highly skilled, qualified and compassionate care givers. HCA’s are the front line of specialised care and work closely with registered nurses, occupational therapists, diversional therapists and clinical staff to ensure ongoing quality care.

The RLE Training Program

The RLE is a fast-track program designed to provide the necessary foundation knowledge for transition from one’s former employment to permanent, full time work. This month-long program is a balanced mix of In-House tutorials, Self Directed Learning (SDL) and practical On The Job Learning.

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