Private Nurse Home-Care©

"Our vision is to provide an outstanding quality of service and personal care on a level not previously experienced in this country. You have our word on it guaranteed!"

The Private Nurse Home-Care© plan is designed for retirees who simply want to retire in the comfort of their own homes and, receive the same level of care expected in a rest home or retirement village.

The Private Nurse Home-Care© plan is an affordable alternative to selling the family home and moving on at a time in life when one should be enjoying the personal benefits of establishing a home, roots in the community and the freedom of choice.

The Private Nurse Home-Care© crew believe that management and caregivers are members of a team that is client and patient focused. Our people are dedicated to providing continuity of care and strive to minimise the stress of illness, recovery or isolation in retirement. Our philosophy is to promote the physical and emotional well-being of all clients and patients. Enhancing lifestyle and providing a safe, carefree atmosphere for clients remains our daily objective.

  • Personalised & Flexible Care Plans
  • Industry Respected
  • Qualified & Experienced
  • Competitive Rates