About Us

"Fundamentally, the secret to quality healthcare lies in engaging the right personnel from the get go"

JP, Founder HCS

In 2012 our team first became involved in training health care staff for the eldercare sector. In subsequent years, whilst we continued our relationship with the education and training sector, our roles evolved to where we are now, fulfilling employment gaps for care facilities within our network. Over time, as the ‘baby boomer’ generation moved in to retirement and the need for excellent, quality care increased, our team has become incredibly proficient at matching nursing staff to care facilities that seek employees who possess that little bit extra.

Today, our pool of nursing staff does not just include graduate students. It is made up of an incredible range of experienced, knowledgeable and highly sought after people who add genuine value to our client facilities, their residents and in-care patients.

HCS is not a large corporate and our current team, although small in number, has vast experience in human resourcing, training and healthcare.

Two of our associates alone can boast 80 years of combined experience in the sector. Our most experienced team member and ‘baby boomer’ has 45 years on the clock ranging from management, human resourcing and healthcare, which compensates nicely for our newbie associate who only has a mere 25 years of human resource experience. It is this balance of experience and competency that ensures our nurses and clients benefit at all times.